Double Jepordy Lights

Heading home everyday down Burwell, I am always greeted by two of the most well timed lights I have ever seen.  Here I am sitting in traffic wondering, wow, if only there was a way to get people in and out of town faster and more efficiently.  As I slowly crawl down the hill moving 4 car lengths at a time approaching the light Montgomery St. I notice it is red.  No big deal, lights turn, red, green, red green.  Then I look at the next light on Callow.  Of course, it’s green and the small strip of road between Montgomery and Callow that holds about 4 cars in the left lane and 4 cars in the right lane is completly empty.  Then the light on Callow turns red.  The second it turns red, the light on Montgomery changes to green.  8 more cars move forward, 4 in the left lane and 4 in the right.  The light stays green for a good long time.  As I sit there not moving watching this green light I start imagining how many cars could slip through.  Probably 40-50 cars I estimate.  Then it happens.  The light at Montgomery turns Yellow.  Big deal, I didn’t make the light and the one at Callow is still red.  I haven’t lost anything yet.  Then it turns Red and at the same time, Callow turns Green.  Great! Just great!  There go the 8 cars again.  As I sit hear a little more agitated then before as hundreds of cars are pilled up behind me, I begin to think again,  How many cars could get through the light at Callow while it is green?  I guess about the same, 40-50 cars probably.  Fortunately I have lots of time to fume over this and then the cycle repeats itself.  Callow Red, Montgomery green, 8 cars move forward and on and on.

Please, PLEASE, if anybody who knows anybody with the civil engineers for Bremerton, please, do me a favor.  Walk over to his or her desk calmly and civilly and ask him or her if they go down this road at any point during the day.  Right as they open their mouth and begin to speak, kick them as hard as you can right in the Shin.  Seriously Bremerton.  This happens every day so regularly I can’t believe it is an accident.  I have been to many other towns where they are able to sync two lights like these.  The only reason I can conceive that these lights are this way is to falsely create the belief that the streets are overcrowded so tax payers will be ok with shelling out money for “improvements” like the car pool lane on Navy Yard, but that I leave to a future rant.  I have a better idea for you Bremerton.  Go down and fix the lights already!  That is all

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  1. Government Motors says:

    Oh your talking about the stellar civil engineering of the traffic lights on Montgomery – Burwell and Callow – Burwell. Only in Bremerton. My personal favourite WTF moment (well this week) is watching the city workers (5 of em) one working 3 watching and Chief Stands Around, with hands on hips supervising.

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